She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Directed by Kelsey Weinstein

Original Score by Eric J. Weinstein

Featuring: Maria Kashapata, Iris Perry, Jace Ceyanes, Julia Yancey, Anthony Carro, Crystal Reed-Stokes, Chayce Mims, Megan Simcox, Sam Gianfala, Hazel Kachline, Sadie Fisher, Kaitlin Weinstein, Eric J. Weinstein.

She Kills Monsters was the inaugural production by Little Renegade Productions, featuring a cast from all across the United States and performed live via video conferencing. An original score was added to this production that captured the spirit of fantasy role-playing games.

Excerpts from the original score:

If you are interested in licensing this music and having it customized for your upcoming performance of She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realm, please use the Contact Form. Tracks for all scene transitions and boss battles are included.

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