Binky Petunia


A New Play by Dan Castellaneta

Directed by Dan Castellaneta and Deb Lacusta

A Little Renegade Productions and Laugh Then Think Production

Mediocre actor Lance Martin is no longer booking any parts. So his agent, Bill Peterson, drops him as a client. But Bill’s idealistic assistant, Cheri Hassenmacher, sees Lance in a play and convinces Bill to give him another look. Lance’s other-worldly performance has a life-changing effect – forcing Bill to leave the business and go find himself. Cheri falls in love with Lance and guides his budding career. However, the talented actor she loves is not Lance, but an egomaniacal personality who’s taken over his body — Binky Petunia.


Kelsey Weinstein
Dylan La Rocque
Chris Edgerly

Composer’s note: I am so excited to be writing music for this brand new production, written by one of the greatest voice talents of our generation. Stay tuned to this page or at Little Renegade Productions for details!