Since I Fell For You

The first release from pianist Eric Weinstein, featuring traditional Ragtime, Stride, Jazz, and Original Music.

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About The Album

Since I Fell For You includes the following songs:

Jingles (James P. Johnson - 1921). Johnson was credited with creating the style of jazz known as 'Harlem Stride'.  

Eugenia (Scott Joplin - 1906). A very traditional and stately rag.

Bethena, A Concert Waltz
(Scott Joplin - 1905). Joplin was mostly known for his Ragtime style, but this composition displayed a whole new dimension for the composer.

(Scott Joplin - 1909). Considered by many to be the most beautiful music written by Scott Joplin. Solace was made popular to a whole new generation of fans as part of the music from 'The Sting'.

Forget-Me-Not (Randy Johnson - 1991). This song was included as a tribute to the genious of Randy Johnson - a legendary pianist in Colorado.

My Romance (Rogers and Hart - 1935). 

(Rogers and Hart - 1940). 

Since I Fell For You
(Buddy Johnson - 1947). 

Love Is Here To Stay
(Gershwin and Gershwin - 1938). 

Prelude II
(George Gershwin - 1927). The second of three Preludes by George Gershwin, all written in a contemporary style with a jazz flair.

Prayerful Improvisation (Weinstein - 2006). An improvisational song that was composed as the recording session was in progress.

(Weinstein - 1994) . An original song written in the standard Jazz form.